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Test Kalkhoff Bikes for 8 weeks!

You have the chance to try out one of our six bikes and e-bikes for 8 weeks and keep it at the end. We want to know what you appreciate about our highlights and how you use the test bike. On a relaxing cycling tour, on holiday or on the way to work?* 

Test our bikes and tell us your story regularly with photos, videos and short posts on Facebook. On your own Facebook bike tester fan page you have the chance to share your bike experiences with us and your fans. In addition, we link your pictures, videos and short comments every week to the Kalkhoff Facebook site.  At the end of the test phase, the Kalkhoff fans vote on who can keep their bike.

The application phase is unfortunately over and the Kalkhoff bike testers will be announced soon.


*The conditions of participation can be found here.

Test the Kalkhoff Bikes

Kalkhoff Durban 8

Kalkhoff Durban G9

Kalkhoff Durban Compact G8

Kalkhoff Select i8 Premium

Kalkhoff Jubilee 8

Kalkhoff Endeavour P12

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