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The new premium mid-range segment

  1. Seven select-models equipped with a modern frame design
  2. Two powerful drive systems, namely: Impulse Evo Next and Shimano Steps
  3. Premium comfort features, such as an electronic gear shift or belt drive
  4. Exclusive equipment, such as the Impulse Evo app for easier navigation
  5. The 17,5 Ah battery is designed for a longer range


Compact and communicative

The stylish new Impulse Evo Smart compact display with Bluetooth module and USB charging socket allows for connection to a smartphone, for use of the Impulse Evo app for easy navigation.

Production Concept


The combination of aluminium gravity die casting, extrusion press methods and specially formed tubes creates a frame platform that takes into account design requirements such as technical specifications in an ideal manner.



The Impulse Evo motor is already wellknown from its use in the Include models. Quiet yet powerful, it is also the perfect partner for the Select Premium i8.


Long Range

The 50-cell battery with its ample capacity of 17.5 Ah is designed for a long range, and provides the necessary energy reserves even for extended trips.

Belt Drive


Durable, quiet, clean and low-maintenance: there are many reasons to opt for a belt drive instead of a classic chain.

Pannier Rack

Not just for show

The standard Racktime carrier features a Snap-it mechanism for the quick and secure attachment of matching system accessories such as bags, boxes or baskets.



Convenient one-key system: the battery lock and frame lock can be opened and closed with the same key.


Optimal Battery Integration

The Select frames are based on the top-ofthe- range Include models. This means that the rear triangle remains unchanged here regardless of the frame design or frame height, in order to guarantee optimal battery integration.

Shimano Steps

High Range

Kalkhoff is adding the sNext battery to the Shimano STePS system. The advantages are quite apparent. Apart from a capacity of 17.5 Ah, its positioning behind the seat post emphasises the cooperative solution. This helps to maintain a low centre of gravity as well permitting its successful integration into the frame shape.

Test the new Kalkhoff Select here!