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Kalkhoff Integrale – State of e-art

Innovation, integration, inspiration: the new Kalkhoff Integrale makes a statement.

/ For integral development.
/ For flowing lines into which the Impulse Evo RS drive system dovetails perfectly.
/ For exclusive details which enable design and functionality to go hand in hand.

Since the whole is much more than just the sum of its parts. Made in Germany, where else?

Kalkhoff Integrale – perfectly harmonious, from a single source

The secret behind our success is as simple as it is exclusive: Kalkhoff takes advantage of its freedom to develop the chassis and drive system together. This provides the ideal starting point for developing a technological work of art which is perfectly aligned down to the very last detail.


No tangled cables

The brake lines are guided through the new stem. Its patented continuously variable setting function is equally innovative.


No need to pore over maps

On-board computer and navigator: networked to a smart phone via Bluetooth, the new Impulse Evo LCD Smart will take you to where you want to go using the Naviki navigation app.


Say goodbye to boredom and noise

The new Impulse Evo RS centre motor with its powerful maximum torque of 80 Nm inspires a sense of power. What's more, it is barely audible and provides assistance up to 45 km/h.


No eyesore

Fully integrated into the frame of the Kalkhoff Integrale, the 50-cell high-performance batteries have a capacity of 17 Ah.

Down tube

No expense spared

State-of-the-art production technology for perfect integration: the head tube, down tube and motor mount of the Kalkhoff Integrale aluminium chassis are produced as one piece in the die casting mould. This guarantees exceptional precision and maximum stability.


No chain

The high-end models in the Kalkhoff Integrale range with hub gears feature a low-maintenance and clean belt drive.

Pannier rack

Not just for show

The minimalistic design of the pannier rack offers more than meets the eye: this special structure can hold loads of up to 15 kg. An extensive range of accessories can be used thanks to the Snap-it system.