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Kalkhoff Include – the best reason to get mobile.

State-of-the-art drive technology which has been positively housed in a Comfort frame designed especially for the new Impulse Evo system. The fascination of Kalkhoff Include is clear from the very first glance.

Kalkhoff Include – finish and function in perfect harmony.

The Comfort e-bike as an elegant unit: that was the brief for the development team behind the new Kalkhoff Include. The result is a series which refuses to compromise. Neither in terms of design, operation nor cycling pleasure.


The display

The Impulse Evo Smart display also displays the route to your destination. This is possible thanks to a Bluetooth module and the navigation app developed jointly with Naviki for iPhones and Android smart phones. These can be charged using the integrated USB socket.

Impulse Evo motor

The drive

With a quiet nature: the high-torque IMPULSE EVO drive delivers powerful assistance without any irritating staccato. In fact, the excellent power development actually involves rather restrained acoustics. Made in Germany, naturally.


The frame

Hydroforming, die casting, extrusion - the developers behind the new Include aluminium frame used state-of-the-art production technologies to create an e-bike chassis which sets a new example: innovation and integration in perfection. Designed as standard for belt drives.


The battery

Huge energy reserves in an elegant design: the 17 Ah battery which is integrated in the Include frame offers impressive ranges. Includes a battery lock which can be simply unlocked from above.

Electrical Gear Shifting

Electrical Gear Shifting

Gentle and reliable: gently pressing on the button is all it takes to easily change the gear level. In addition to the simple and ergonomic operation, the system developed in Germany by FAG also boasts integrated individualisation: the user can freely select in which gear to start off again following a stop. And all this without having to move a muscle.


The combination brake

The Include is also a true pioneer when it comes to riding safety. The combination of the backpedal brake and disc brake was a real novelty at the model presentation.

Pannier rack

The pannier rack

The system pannier rack which has been designed exclusively for the Kalkhoff Integrale is a shining example of a design with uncompromising functionality. This rack boasts a loading capacity of 25 kg and enables use of Racktime accessories.



Whether the integration of the frame lock into the seat stays or the concealed clamping mechanism on the seatposts: numerous sophisticated details show that design and ease of operation are not necessarily mutually exclusive.