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  1. Lightweight and quick-charging 7 Ah battery
  2. Compact Groove Go rear-wheel motor
  3. Robust & astonishingly affordable
  4. Extremely easy to ride
  5. Distinct design

Consistently in keeping with the concept of “less is more”, the three new Durban models are based on lightweight, durable Groove Go rear-wheel motors and responsive energy storage devices. This radically reduces the bike’s weight, while still providing more than adequate assistance for everyday use in an urban environment.



COMPACT ENDURANCE RUNNER Compact and non-destructible: the Groove Go gear unit hub motor (36V/250 W) belongs to the category of sturdy endurance runners, making it the perfect choice for the Kalkhoff Durban e-bike trio. The direct drive is also gentle on the drive train, which benefits the service life of the chain and the sprocket as well as the gear-shifting behaviour.

Disc Brakes


Light-touch operation and good stopping power even in wet conditions are the key reasons behind fitting the Durban g9 withdisc brakes as standard.



The system is switched on or off by holding the battery button depressed for three seconds. Briefly pressing the button again activates the required power-assist modes of 100%, 50 % or 0%. With 7 Ah or 252 Wh, the small Groove Go battery still has more energy reserves than would usually be needed for a day‘s riding in the city: ranges of up to 45 km can be achieved with one battery charge under optimal conditions.



Extra-long plastic mudguards ensure that riding fun with the Durban e-bikes doesn‘t have to come to an end when the heavensopen. And the large wheel cover provides maximum protection against water spray.



The use of a lightweight aluminium frame combined with a rigid aluminium fork contributes to the low weight of the Durban g9 e-bike. Details such as the forged dropouts or the continuous cable routing demonstrate the high quality standards of the Durban developers, as does the consistent alignment of the Urban e-bike towards day-to-day use.

Front Carrier

Luggage Overview

Thanks to the front carrier fitted as standard, bags containing valuables stay in view at all times even in the most chaotic of city environments. There is also a sturdy rear wheel pannier rack for heavy luggage. The high-end models in the Kalkhoff Integrale range with hub gears feature a low-maintenance and clean belt drive.

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