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Coast in refined style with Impulse 2.0 – and stop safely with the hydraulic rim brake.

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Technical changes of the components and errors excepted.

Frame 621 Wh
Fork 621 Wh
Engine 500 Wh
Display 396 Wh
Battery KH0110010v2017
Brakes earthbrown matt
Brake lever KH0140004v2017
Cassette 621 Wh
Shifter 603 Wh
Crankset 621 Wh
Gear ratio 474 Wh
Handlebar 474 Wh
Stem 621 Wh
Saddle 621 Wh
Seatpost cloudbeige
Hubs KH0140004v2017
Rims midnightblue
Tires mustardyellow
Headlight retrobrown
Backlight marsalared
Carrier KH0170003v2017
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Frame Shapes Wheel Size (Inch) Frame Size Short Seat Tube (mm)
Diamant 28 M 500
Diamant 28 L 550
Wave 26 S 450
Wave 28 S 460
Wave 28 M 500
Wave 28 L 550

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